If you're exploring Costa Rica, don't overlook Casa Luisa Show - an extraordinary celebration of Costa Rican culture set in one of the world's most joyful nations.

Situated in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, our location offers a prime advantage, just a brief 40-minute journey from most beaches.

Visitors will immerse themselves in a captivating presentation of Costa Rican folk dances, featuring captivating costume changes that reflect both contemporary and historical attire.

Beyond the traditional Costa Rican salon dances like Creole swing and the distinctive bolero, guests can delve into Afro-Caribbean rhythms like calypso, as well as performances showcasing the masks of our rich cultural heritage.

Discover the lively essence of local Costa Rican culture, deeply rooted in tradition.

Our folkloric show offers an optional dinner, adding to the overall experience.
At Casa Luisa, our chef will provide you with a unique experience with a tasting dinner.
For more details on the dinner menu, we invite you to review our section titled "Show Menu."

Upcoming performances are scheduled for April 26, May 3, 17, 31, June 7, and 21. 

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm dinner is served. 
9:00 pm show begins. 
10:00 pm show ends 
photo opportunities available.

For reservations, call +1 506 6234 1392. 
For national inquiries, call 84519131.